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Grow Your
Equipment Dealership with a Comprehensive Business System

Dealer management solution for greater profits and peace of mind

IntelliDealer by VitalEdge Technologies is powerful business software equipment dealers trust to manage their operations from end to end, whether in the office or in the field.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Rely on a single source
of truth.

Make Better Decisions

Find opportunities and
avoid risks.

Increase Productivity
& Profits

Save time and resources to
increase margins.

Increase Efficiency and Earning Potential with IntelliDealer

The IntelliDealer dealer management platform provides modern technology for a unified view of operations across your dealership. With this data intelligence, you can increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Industry Focus

For more than 45 years, IntelliDealer has proudly served agriculture and construction dealers throughout North America. This business system and its related applications is geared toward these industries and adjacent sectors to meet their specific operational needs, standardizing and streamlining their workflows. IntelliDealer also integrates with all the major OEMs.

Additional Resources

Please browse our product data sheets to learn more about IntelliDealer and its features and functionality. If you want to understand your financial status and overall performance, you want to consider this dealer business system.

About VitalEdge Technologies

VitalEdge Technologies is the provider of IntelliDealer software. Our mission is to meet the unique needs of equipment dealers, distributors and rental companies with market-leading innovation and client support.

See IntelliDealer in Action

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